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Gravel kit Citroen DS3 R3T Max new, Ford Fiesta R5 evo

Seller: Bishop
Location: flagCzech Republic
Price: 5 000 EUR
Email: bisond@seznam.cz
Phone: +420725691591
Added: 28. 9. 2022 10:54
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For sale spare parts:

Citroen DS3 R3T Max - gravel kit Citroen DS3 R3T Max - includet wheels, stab, springs, suspensions, new brake discs, pads, …

Ford Fieste R5 evo2 mk1 - 20 magnesium tarmac wheels, 50 gravel wheels, 1 front tarmac suspension Rieger, gravel nuts, transmission wheels new. Working preparations for transmission, diff, engine.

Thousands new and used slicks tyres michelin, pirelli, hankook. Years 2021, 2022.

Complete equipment from the very profesional motorsport workshop in condition like new. ( racks, trolleys with tools, tightening guns, aluminum tents, racks for tires, machine for removing tires, compressor, power stations)

For sale a very professional two-axis 20t truck for motorsport euro5 with great fuel consumption ( 18-22l/100km ) Rest room - built-in coffee maker, oven, refrigerator; workshop - working desk, trolleys, car you can have insite. Truck have big and small hook you can use for other car.